About Us

Founders- Robert and Julie Camacho


Robert Camacho and his wife Julie Camacho created Cowtown Kids, Inc. to address an unserved need in Tarrant County- helping homeless kids engage in holiday traditions that are not currently served by other organizations.

The idea grew from Julie's early childhood experience. Julie and her brother were taken from their biological mother when Julie was 6 months old. They were adopted together 3 years later, but spent time in shelters and foster homes. One time they were removed and taken to the shelter when they were found living in a car with Julie in a wire basket. They didn't have toys, and kids need toys to exercise their imagination.

Executive Director

Julie and Robert both have full-time jobs and careers. While they had this great idea and have moved quickly to make it happen, it didn't take long to learn that the need is greater than they could address in their free time. Meet the Executive Director:

Jacob E. Way, IV

Jacob has accepted the challenge of managing the daily operations of the nonprofit. He is handling all of the fundraising including identifying people with items they want to donate and reaching out to individuals and organizations with funds. He will be handling the organization of volunteers to stuff bags and to deliver items to the shelters. 

Reach Out to Us!

Robert, Julie, and Jacob are still working on identifying where the kids are that need the most help. They have approached at least one of the shelters in Fort Worth with transitional family housing and are hoping to collect more information from others so that no child is left out. Please contact us if you know of an organization or group that serves or houses kids between homes that would benefit from holiday bags with toys, candy, and school supplies.

We know we won't be able to help an organization at all if we don't know it exists!!


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